Our Story

Personal to-do and reminder apps have only changed slightly in recent years. There are well-thought and powerful apps among them, however, there is one thing none of them is focusing on: speed.

But speed matters. This is especially true for the younger generations that expect things to work fast.

As a product enthusiast and designer, I was fascinated by the idea of innovating the to-do app, and at the end of 2019, I decided to work on it. My goal, obviously: Creating the world's fastest to-do list.

Soon after, I came up with our most important feature: Central task input. It allows you to enter a to-do right in the main screen, and to save it, you simply need to tap one of your lists. For example, Tomorrow or Groceries.

This approach is the exact opposite of how it works in other to-do apps. It may seem to make a small difference, but according to the feedback I've received the difference is not small at all. Testers said that adding tasks feels incredibly intuitive and time-saving.

After a few design iterations, I presented my Figma prototype to Leonid, a programmer and friend of mine, and eventually hired him to build the first version.


We are super excited to see people engage with our app and to add more features from our roadmap soon.

Lino Grubben

Founder & Product

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