Do you have problems using our app? We created this FAQ to help you solve them.

How do I add a task?

There are two ways to add tasks. You can either tap the task cell at the top or the plus button in the main view, and once you have entered your task, just tap a list in which you want it to be saved. Alternatively, you can tap the plus button in the list you want to add the task to. That's up to you, but it is faster to enter your task in the main view.

How can I complete a task?

Tap its ring on the left. Done.

How can I uncomplete a task?

To make a completed task a to-do again, you just need to tap the badge "Done" at the very bottom of a list. You then see all your completed tasks as a list. To make a task reappear in a list's to-dos again, you just need to tap its dot.

How can I set a reminder?

Tap a task and select the alarm icon. Now pick a time you want to be reminded at about this task. It is important that you allow notifications if the pop-up appears.

How can I move a task to another list?

Tap a task and select the arrow icon. You can then choose where you want to move that task.

How can I delete a task?

Tap a task and select the trash icon.

How can I create a new list?

Tap the grey button "New list" in the main view.

How can I rearrange a list in the main view?

Tap and hold it. You can then move it to your desired position. It is not possible to place a list between or on top of the smart lists (Today, Tomorrow, Soon).

How can I change or delete a list?

Open the list you want to change or delete, and tap the button with the 3 dots at the top.

Can I delete the smart lists?

The smart lists (Today, Tomorrow, Soon) cannot be deleted so that you always see how many tasks have been scheduled.

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